The great Nelson Mandela once said, “There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return”.

The learners and teachers of Kuruman Primary School took 67 minutes out of their school day to contribute to the community and school. The learners completed different tasks within each of the different age groups and classes. A long-term recycling project was introduced at the school.

This project was coordinated by the following teachers; Trudie Bester, Suriena Ferreira, Clarissa Grobbelaar and Charmaine Schult.

The school would like to thank the following people and businesses for their generous donations which made our day special: Sean Blake, M&I Motors, Brickforce, Alpha Auto, Jan Zandberg, Rotisec, Glasfit, Tertius Whitehead, Renschie Enslin, Elandi Theron, Rikus Grobbelaar, Teachers who made donations and all the parents who donated beautiful pebbles from their gardens.

We believe this was a successful project, especially because everyone worked together. It was fun and motivational for the learners, as they did everything for the school by themselves – which will also help them to gain respect for their surroundings, as it is their own handwork.

The whole project was also photographed by the register teachers, as can be seen in this album.

Everything is not completed yet and we will give an update once everything is done.